Bond-Ace G55 is a special formulated designed for internal and external plastering works. It’s made of re-emulsifiable vinyl acetate homopolymers coalescing with plasticiser agents and added additives for improving the bonding strength of various substrates.

Where to use

Bond-Ace G55 can be used for interior and exterior plastering, skim coating and renders base treatment, and all cementitious screeds. Applicable to new and old plastered or concrete surfaces.

Application Instructions

  • Surface preparation – The surface must be structurally sound and clean, free of oil, grease, wax, dust, sand, dirt, laitance, paints, efflorescence, curing compounds and loose materials of any type. If the surface is questionable, apply a small test patch of Bond-Ace G55. Allow to com pletely dry and observe for any signs of lifting, wrinkling, peeling or curling. If these occur, additional surface preparation is recommended.
  • Recommended cleaning methods are by high-pressure water jets.
  • Bond-Ace G55 can be applied with paint roller or paint brush shall be pressd firm against the substrate; spread G55 thin and evenly.
  • Open the original packing and use as it is, do not dilute with water or solvent. Do not add any admixture.
  • Do not use over water soluble materials such as glue, calcimine, wall paper, casein-based adhesive or where constant moisture is present.
  • Never shake and box mix as to entrap air bubbles.
  • Apply Bond-Ace G55 to the treated surfaces evenly. Thin continuous unbroken film is recommended.
  • Allow Bond-Ace G55 to dry Approximate 1 hour of drying time, subsequent activities can be carried out. (eg: plastering or tiling) Subsequent application of plastering, Skim coating and cement mortar for tilling shall be performed within 7 days provided Bond-Ace G55 condition is clean, dust free, uncontaminated and intact.
  • Do not apply to wet surfaces or surfaces where there may be hydrostatic pressure such as retaining walls, flat root soffit and swimming pool…etc.
  • Do not apply to frozen or frost covered surfaces or when temperature is below 50oF (10oC) is expected to be within 12 hours.

Product Data Sheet

Packaging 20 liters/pail
Appearance Blue
Open time 7 days
Toxicity None
Fire Hazard Non-flammable
Drying time Approx. 1 hour after applied
Shelf Life 12 months
Storage Store in protected area where ambient temperature i between 50oF-90oF (10oC-37oC)
Coverage Approx. 18 – 20m2 /liter depending on the texture of the substrate/surface

Water Based
Non Toxic



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