Bondplus is a powder from additives designed to enhance the adhesion strength of normal OPC mortar / grout. Bondplus has high water retention function that prologed cement curing process that enhances the adhesion strength and provides best workability of the cement mortar / grout. Bondplus is adourless, non-toxic and easy to use.

Suitable For

- Tiling use on all kinds of tile materials (ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles and etc.

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, oil, laitance and all forms of contamination.

a) Apply cement / grout with BONDPLUS to floor or wall using a notched trowel.

b) The recommended bed of cement / grout with BONDPLUS should be 3mm thick for wall tiling and 3-6mm for floor tiling and 2mm for brick laying.

c) Allow cement / grout with BONDPLUS to set for 16-20 hours before grouting.


- 3mm notched trowel 10 m2 - 12 m2 per bag (25 kg)


- 25 kg / Bag

Group mixing steps :

Step 1: Add in 1 pack (100gm) of BONDPLUS into 7-8 litres of water.

Step 2: Add in 25kg of OPC

Step 3: Stir until even.

Optional method

a) Tile surface preparation
- Apply single layer of Bond-ACE G88 to the rear side of tile.

b) Mixing of fine stand
- Maximum 40% of fine sand is allowed into mixing.

Open Time :

1 Hour (at 25℃)

Packaging :

100gm / bag (100 bags / carton)

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