Bond-Ace TA-688

Bond-ACE TA-688 is a premixed water resistance cementitious adhesive for ceramic / porcelain tiles, mosaic tiles and brick laying. It is designed for fixing wall, floor tiles and brick laying to a wide range of substrates.

Suitable For

wall & floor tiling

Brick Laying

Internal & External Application

Thin & Thick Bed Application

Surface Preparation

All surfaces must be clean and free from dust, oil, laitance and all forms of contamination.

a) Apply Bond Ace TA-688 to floor or wall using a notched trowel.

b) The recommended bed of Bond-ACE TA-688 adhesive should be 3mm thick for wall tiling and 3-6mm for floor tiling and 2mm for brick laying

c) Allow Bond-ACE TA-688 adhesive to set for 16-20 hours before grouting.


- First pour 6 litres of clean water into a suitable container and stir with slow speed paddle stirrer, slowly add Bond Ace TA-688 adhesive until a consistent homogenous lump free compound is obtained.


- 3mm notched trowel 10 m2 - 12 m2 per bag (25 kg)


- 25 kg / Bag

Mixing Time 5 minutes
Open Time - 5 minutes (at 25℃)
(3mm thick to the wall)
- 30 minutes (at 25℃)
(6mm thick to the floor concrete)
Pot Time 1-2 hours (at 25℃)
Setting Time-Final Setting Time-Initial - 22 hours
- 6 Hours
Full Cure 28 days
Pull off (Self Bond Strength) 1.5N/mm2
Average Flow Value 183mm
Water Retentivity 99.9%
Average Compressive Strength - 7 days (10.1N/mm2)
- 28 days (17.3 N/mm2)